Requirements for this 36 credit-hour master's degree program include a thesis or an internship. If you select the internship option, you must complete a comprehensive examination.

Sport Management Core Requirements 15-18
SMB 585The Law in SMB(3)
SMB 616Research Methodology in SMB(3)
SMB 634Sport Governance(3)
Internship option:
SMB 679Internship/Project(6)

Thesis option

SMB 689Thesis I(3)
SMB 690Thesis II(3)
SMB 624Advanced Statistics for Sport & Exercise Sciences(3)
SMB 630Qualitative Research in SMB(3)

Other Sport Mgmt. Course Requirements 12

SMB 532Facility and Event Planning(3)
SMB 533Sport Marketing Management(3)
SMB 544Financial Applications to Sport(3)
*SMB 621Ethical Issues in Sport and
Exercise Sciences

* Upon special request by the advisor to the HPLS Dean, consideration may be given for substituting an approved elective for this course when evidence can be provided that the student has satisfactorily completed a Sports Ethics course at Barry University.