Merit Scholarship Program

Sport Management Merit Scholarships

At Barry University, we believe that your academic achievements and work ethic should be recognized. You can receive funding from our Sport Management Merit Scholarship program - base awards start at approximately $1,629 up to $8,145 per year. These scholarships are available to both domestic and international students.

How To Qualify For The Merit Scholarship

Applicants with a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA or higher will qualify. The merit scholarship is determined upon acceptance to the program and is applied after the Add/Drop period of each semester. A minimum of 18 credits over 12 months must be maintained and the scholarship is renewable each year if a cumulative 3.0 GPA is maintained in the program.

Important Notes:

  1. Merit scholarships are applicable to students in the dual degree MBA program.
  2. Sport Management merit scholarships are not applicable to students in other programs.

Other Scholarships Available For Graduate Business Students:

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