Volunteer Opportunities

Voting is not the only way to participate in the election process. You can also participate through various volunteer opportunities in your community.

1. Poll Worker - Individuals who assist at the poll locations. To become a poll worker, a citizen must be a registered voter. There are many levels of poll workers, all of which an individual is adequately trained for. Depending on the type of poll worker, a citizen can be paid $100-$250.

2. Campaign Teams - Aside from making monetary donations, individuals can campaign for a candidate in many ways, with phone calls being the most popular. To volunteer for a campaign, visit a candidate’s official website and look for the “Volunteer” tab.

3. Election Protection - The nation’s largest non-partisan voter protection coalition. Volunteers can help by serving in the hotline center and calling registered voters the day before Election Day. Volunteers can also be deployed to poll locations to ensure the process is running correctly.