Events and Programs

At Barry University, our interest extends beyond your academic and professional development; we are interested in you as a person. This includes paying attention to your spiritual growth and the deepening of your relationship with God and neighbor. We invite all members of the Barry Community into a closer relationship with God, self, neighbor and creation and to do so with openness to students, faculty and staff of all faith traditions.

Whether you are Catholic or you belong to another faith tradition, the Campus Ministry staff can help you develop your spirituality and provide opportunities to celebrate your religious rituals and customs through our spirituality and faith formation programs, services and events.

Catholic Faith Association

Find a home away from home and connect with other Catholic students. The CFA is a place to grow in your faith through fraternity, fun, and service. For more information and for meeting times, contact Fr. Cristobal Torres. or 305-899-3836

Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, or RCIA, is a journey that women and men take who are interested in becoming a full member of the Catholic faith community. RCIA is available for students interested in preparing to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion (Eucharist), and Confirmation. This process is one marked by prayer, inquiry, instruction, and reflection culminating in the Sacraments of Initiation on Holy Saturday, the eve of Easter Sunday. RCIA Classes meet on campus once a week beginning the 3rd Week of October. Classes will finish at the end of the Spring Semester before final exams. Meeting days will be determined based on the candidates’ schedules.

To join, please contact Fr. Cristobal Torres at

Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress Relief

This workshop series offers skills in mindfulness and meditation, which can lead to increased balance, calm, and connectedness to your most authentic self. Beyond simply decreasing your stress, this course offers an approach for finding satisfaction in you daily life. Please call the Campus Ministry office or email us

Connected Faith Sharing

Connected Faith Sharing - Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM meet at Weber West RM 125
Barry University community is invited to explore informative ways to discover their spiritual paths through weekly lively small group discussions and fellowship.

For more information, contact Rev. Richard Clements at or 305-899-3632

Crossroads: Multi-Faith Dialogues

This is an informal encounter seeking to build bridges through dialogue promoting a mindset for living peacefully in an inclusive community. Students who are inquiring or knowledgeable about their own faith tradition and interested in dialogue with members of other religions are welcome. For more information, contact Father Cristobal Torres or 305-899-3836

Spiritual Guidance

Campus Ministry offers the opportunity for students to reflect on their lives of study and relationship within the context of their religious faith. Pastoral accompaniment focuses on specific issues of faith with which a person may be struggling. It offers ways to consider how one’s religious faith and tradition inform and guide those issues.

Spiritual Guidance is for those students who would like to talk confidentially with someone about spirituality and faith. Spiritual guidance is open to people of all religious traditions and background. It focuses on a person’s development in relationship with God and with themselves, around spiritual questions and issues.

For more information about Spiritual Guidance or Pastoral Accompaniment, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Campus Ministry 305-899-3836.

Liturgical Formation program

In addition to this new worship experience, there is an opportunity to learn how to create a service. Through this experience we learn to prepare intentional and relevant liturgies and worship. For mature Christians and those who are “seekers”, this liturgy will encourage all to come closer to the light. All serious and dedicated learners are welcome to participate. Please contact Hamilton Gutierrez at or 305-899-3650

Charles Heising Music Scholarship

The Charles Heising Music Ministry Scholarship is a merit-based, service scholarship established by the Department of Campus Ministry to encourage and develop student leadership in music ministry within Barry University. Applications for this scholarship are open to undergraduate and graduate students who meet the following criteria to become Heising Scholars:

  • Must have successfully completed at least one year of academic study at Barry University and must be a full or part-time undergraduate or graduate student in the current academic year at Barry University
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA minimum of 3.00
  • Applicant must demonstrate financial needs. (Barry Office of Financial Aid FASFA form completion and review.)
  • Applicants must agree to participate as music ministry interns under the supervision of the Coordinator of Worship for 5-15 hours per week, each semester in accordance with the amount of scholarship award as determined by the Department of Campus Ministry. (Hours include rehearsal times, Sunday Mass times, Liturgical formation presentations, and special worship events and University Masses)