Snack and Chat

Snack and Chat Sexual Harassment - Politics - Policies - History

The recent multiple sexual-harassment allegations against entertainers and government officials have sent tremors around the world. Despite increased expressions of outrage toward the machismo atmosphere, it remains difficult to stop this predatory behavior.

Campus Ministry in collaboration with the Department of Theology and Philosophy invite you to an insightful exploration of politics, policies and history behind the practices of sexual harassment. Light lunch will be served

Homosexuality and The Bible

Preachers and politicians have used this controversial subject to advocate or reject any LGBT civil rights, arguing that people opposed o the LGBT movement because it is unnatural. Can a believer be gay/lesbian? Most od them do not even know what is written in the Sacred texts. What does the Bible really say about homosexuality? Come and listen for yourself.

Snack and Chat - Snatched (Discussing Sex Trafficking)

Campus Ministry in collaboration with the School of Social Work and The Young Parents Project of Florida State University invites you to an informative time of reflection and call to action against Sex Trafficking.