The CARE Center: Counseling Services
offered through the Dr. Maureen Duffy Family Enrichment Center


The Dr. Maureen Duffy Family Enrichment Center provides counseling services to the community. Therapy services focus on enhancing clients' strengths and resources. The center is fully equipped with state of the art equipment.


Our services are offered to clients from preschool through late adulthood. The clinic services include individual, family, marital, couples, and group counseling. Consultation services are available. Workshops and training tailored to individual needs are also available.

Clients are seen by treatment teams under faculty supervision to maximize the delivery of quality clinical services. All students are completing either a Master's or PhD degree in Counseling. All students are supervised by the full-time faculty members of the Barry University Counseling Program, including Licensed Family and Mental Health Counselors.


The Dr. Maureen Duffy Family Enrichment Center costs are based on a sliding scale, with $20 as the minimum fee.


The center is open Monday through Thursday from 3:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Appointments are made by contacting the center at 305-899-3726 or online.

Service Limitations

The CARE Center does not provide emergency services, detoxification counseling, custody evaluations/decisions, visitation decisions or other forensic work/findings, or care for those with acute mental illnesses. Those requiring these critical care services are referred to the appropriate facilities in the area.

The CARE Center does not provide counseling services to Barry Students or Barry University Faculty/Staff. Barry students receive counseling services through the Student Counseling and Psychological Services office on Campus. Counseling for Barry Faculty and Staff is provided through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or their health insurance.


In the event that emergency care is needed (suicidal threats, domestic violence, abuse or neglect), please contact 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Persons in a crisis situation, who live in the vicinity of Barry University, are urged to contact one of the following agencies:


North Shore Medical Center 305-835-6122
The Switchboard of Miami 305-358-HELP
Bayview Crisis Unit 305-691-4357
Abuse Registry 1-800-96ABUSE

*For further information or to make an appointment, please call us anytime at 305-899-3726. All messages will be returned.