Evaluation and Negotiation of Job Offers

It is important to know how to evaluate and negotiate job offers, but before you can assess a job offer, you must make sure you have information about the market. It is important to look beyond the salary alone and also consider benefits, vacation, professional development, moving expenses, and cost of living. Please, click on the link below to learn more about job offer evaluation and negotiation:

Job Offer Evaluation and Negotiation

Salary Negotiation Guide: Not only can PayScale tell you how much you should earn, they can help you negotiate your salary too. They have teamed up with career and finance experts to answer your questions about salary negotiation. They give you the data and break everything down into three easy steps – Research, Strategize, Negotiate – so that you can prepare yourself for salary success.

Budgeting 101

Lifestyle values represent your preferred living conditions. By assessing how you want to live and considering the finances required to support that lifestyle, you can evaluate how your career decisions may impact you and the significant people in your life, and whether there are existing or potential barriers to overcome. Financial needs are an important consideration. Knowledge of monthly expenses and having realistic financial goals can help in choosing appropriate occupations. Therefore, before you can evaluate and negotiate job offers, you need to evaluate what your required budget will be.

After you graduate and begin working, your first paycheck will be an exciting time! It's easy to spend your money too quickly without leaving enough to cover your necessities. Click on the link to open the budget worksheet in order to estimate your monthly expenses so that you do not "spend it all in one place"!