Flex Accounts

Flexible Dollars Around Campus!

"FlexBucs" refers to a line of credit. Upon your request, funds can be placed on your Barry ID card, which can be used around campus as a debit card. This service is available to both resident and commuter students. Specifically, you can use your Flex account dollars at:

  • The Barry Bookstore - to purchase books and other supplies
  • Dining Services -
    Roussell Dining Hall, Subway, Chick-n-Grill, Outtakes, We Proudly Brew [Buc Stop Café @Thompson Hall], (Chopp'd, Wrap'd & Roll’d), Juiceblendz, Outtakes [Dominican Hall], Bucky's Cove and Le Café International
  • Business Center

To qualify for "flexible dollars", you must be currently registered for the semester and have in your possession a valid student ID card.

There are two ways of placing money on to your Flex account:

  • Any excess of financial aid (i.e. loans, grants, scholarships), after the cost of your tuition and fees are covered, can be placed, at your request, on to your card.


  • At any time during the semester, payments can be made directly to your student account, and then transferred to your ID card. These payments can be done at any time, as often as needed, and for any dollar amount that fits your needs.

NOTE 1: Often used to purchase meals, coffee or snacks between classes, FlexBucs, unlike Commuter Meal Plans and Resident Meal Plans, do not restrict when or where your funds may be used. Also, Flex dollars never expire once the term has ended, but will instead roll over to the next semester.

To check your Flex account's balance or retrieve your unused funds, check your MyBarry account or call the Student Union office at 305-899-4900, (this number is located on the back of your student ID card). They will forward your remaining money back to your main student account (with CBO) and you can then request a refund of this credit if this creates a credit balance on the student account.

NOTE 2: Please be aware that when pending financial aid, (your loan(s), grant(s) and scholarship(s), is used toward Flex dollars, the maximum dollar amount that can be granted each term is $800.00. In those isolated circumstances when additional funds are to be approved, an itemized list or invoice from our Follett book store must be presented to CBO. The list/invoice must chronicle the additional books, supplies and/or equipment still needed, along with the total cost of those supplementary item(s) and any assessed tax and fees associated with your purchases.