Registration Requirements for Loan Eligibility

To qualify for loans, you must meet the following minimum (half-time) registration requirements:

  • Undergraduate students = 6 credits or more
  • Graduate students = 4 credits or more
  • ANE students = 3 credits or more
  • Doctoral students = 1 credit or more (Education and Social Work doctoral students: 1 credit = half-time; Nursing doctoral students: 3 credits = half-time).

If at any time your credit hours drop below the half-time status, your financial aid loans will be sent back to the lender(s).

Generally, financial aid funds (loans, scholarships, grants) are not disbursed to your student account until after the add-drop period of classes. As a rule of thumb, loans are the first aids to arrive while scholarships and grants trickle in gradually as the semester progresses. You can request a refund of any excess financial aid only after the funds are physically in your account and all charges and fees have been deducted. For more information regarding refund checks please go to Overpayments and Refunds page.