Payment Plans through Official Payments

Barry University’s Cashier/Business Office, in conjunction with Official Payments, has created a payment plan as an option for students to pay off their registered term charges. Students are not required to use this plan however, this plan may provide a convenient way for students and their families to pay their current term balance in a timely manner. If students do not wish to use this payment plan, they can continue to follow the current minimum payment dates provided by the University without an enrollment fee.

Once the student registers for a term, the student/parent will have the ability to sign up for a payment plan. There is a non-refundable enrollment fee for the payment plan of $50.00. Main Campus and PACE students are required to pay the enrollment fee plus 10% of the difference between the term charges and pending financial aid. The payment of the 10% will be posted on the student account. The Continuing Education students are required to pay the enrollment fee plus $500 deposit of the term charges.

Please be sure to review all expected charges on the student account prior to signing up for a payment plan. Room charges, Board charges, and Primary Health Insurance charges could be updated at different times after registration. If you intend to use financial aid to cover some of the student account charges, please ensure that the term financial aid award package is correct and completed prior to signing up for a payment plan.

The payment plan amount is automatically calculating the remaining difference with the available payment plan dates. Either the plan payments will automatically be deducted from a credit/debit card or a bank account that was entered at the time of plan set-up on the plan due dates. Credit/debit cards will be assessed the 2.25% service fee. ACH transactions have no service fee. There is a $20.00 fee for a missed payment. Scheduling a future payment will not avoid late payment fees if the payment is scheduled past the due date. Payment plans will be cancelled after one missed payment.

As charges and financial aid change after the plan was created, the plan amount will not change. It will be the student’s responsibility to contact Cashier/Business Office for assistance to change the plan amount.

Students will not be allowed to sign up for a payment plan with three or less payment dates. The student can follow the University’s payment due dates with no enrollment fee. This excludes the Continuing Education students; they have three maximum payment plan dates.

The student will be assessed a non-reversible late fee of $250.00 if a balance remains on the student account after the last payment due date of the term.

Main Campus students’ payment plan dates are:

  • Fall- maximum of seven dates (4/1,5/1,6/1,7/1,8/1,9/1, & 10/1)
  • Spring-maximum of four dates (11/20,12/20,1/20, & 2/20)
  • Summer-maximum of four dates (4/1,5/1,6/1, & 7/1)

PACE students’ payment plan dates are:

  • Fall- maximum of eight dates (4/1,5/1,6/1,7/1,8/1,9/1,10/1, & 11/1)
  • Spring-maximum of five dates (11/20,12/20,1/20, 2/20, & 3/20)
  • Summer-maximum of four dates (4/1,5/1,6/1, & 7/1)

Continuing Education students’ payment plan dates are:

  • Fall- maximum of three dates (9/15,10/15, & 11/15)
  • Spring-maximum of three dates (2/15, 3/15, & 4/15)

Law School students’ payment plan dates are:

  • Fall- maximum of five dates (7/15, 8/15, 9/15, 10/15, & 11/15)
  • Spring-maximum of four dates (12/15, 1/15, 2/15, & 3/15)
  • Summer-maximum of four dates (5/1, 6/1, 7/1, & 8/1)

Questions may be directed to the Law School Office of Student Financial Services at or (321) 206-5636.

Please sign up for Official Payments Payment Plan.

NOTE: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF ALL TUITION, FEES AND OTHER CHARGES. Consequently, no student will receive a diploma or transcript of credits until all of his/her financial obligations, including any collection and/or attorney fees, to the University are paid in full. Any and all payment plans need to be paid in full prior to release of transcript or diploma. Cash or credit card payments are the fastest ways to clear your account and thereby ensure the rapid release of the above items. Payments made by local checks or E-checks (ACH bank transactions) require 10 business days and out-of-state checks require 15 business days to clear the bank before your transcript/diploma will be released.