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Current Project: Expanding Knowledge About Gender Dysphoria, Previous Projects

Our most current research project, Expanding Knowledge about Gender Dysphoria, a photo-elicitation exploration of experiences of gender dysphoria, emerged in response to the needs of the TGD community for more accurate, nuanced, and in-depth narratives about living with gender dysphoria.

This study is a two-phase research project targeting a diverse range of trans and non-binary adults. Historically, experiences of gender dysphoria have often been reduced to a single narrative; in reality, these experiences vary across transgender individuals. Gaining more accurate information about the ways in which gender dysphoria is experienced among a diverse transgender individuals is a critical aspect of ensuring that transgender individuals have access to informed and affirmative care from mental-health and medical providers.

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Previous Projects

Project Title: Project #Queery (Pi: Dr. Shelly L. Craig; Co-I Austin)

The project aim was to explore the ways that online spaces influence the resilience and coping of sexual and gender minority youth across the United States and Canada

Project Title: Bridging Efforts To Enhance Safety And Support For The Transgender Community (Pi: Dr. Ashley Austin)

The aim of this survey research was to gather information from transgender individuals regarding their medical, social, and interpersonal experiences associated with living authentically in an effort to enhance the development and delivery of more affirmative services.

Project Title: Affirm (Pi: Dr. Shelley L. Craig, Co-I: Dr. Ashley Austin)

The aim of this research is to establish an affirmative, empirically supported cognitive behavioral intervention to reduce psychological distress and improve coping among youth with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

Project Title: Social Work Speaks Out (Pis: Dr. Shelley L. Craig, Dr. Michael Dentato, Dr. Lori Messinger)

The aim of this research was to explore the experiences of transgender and gender-diverse individuals in Schools of Social Work across North America.

Project Title In Their Words: Experiences Of Transgender And Gender Nonconforming Young Adults (Pi: Dr. Ashley Austin)

The aim of this qualitative study was to give voice to the experiences of understanding and navigating a transgender identity within social contexts dominated by a cisgender and binary world view.

Selected Publications