Financial Information For Spring 2013

At Barry University the purpose of the Cashier/Business Office and the Office of Financial Aid is to act in partnership with the students and their families to provide the necessary guidance in financial planning related to enrollment. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid at (305) 899-3673; or the Cashier/Business Office at (305) 899-3585, for information and assistance.

An enrollment deposit is required of all new undergraduate students. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 305-899-3100.

The rates effective Spring 2013 can be found in the following Cashier/Business webpage:

In consideration of acceptance for enrollment at Barry University, the student and guarantor/s guarantee the payment of all fees for tuition, room, board and all other financial obligations incurred while in attendance at the University.

Registration for subsequent terms and participation in housing are prohibited until all financial obligations have been met.

If financial obligations are not satisfied or deferred payment arrangements not approved, students may be administratively withdrawn. Students may be reinstated upon settlement of an account and the University will make every effort to honor the student’s original course selection and housing priority but cannot guarantee those selections.

In addition, all financial obligations to the University must be met as a condition for graduation and participation in commencement ceremonies.

Diploma/Transcript Release

As long as money is owed to the University, release of grades, official or unofficial transcripts, diplomas or official letters of degree completion is prohibited. Payment by local personal check requires a minimum of 10 business days for check clearance. For other checks, please contact the Cashier/Business Office.

Company Reimbursement Deferment

Students who receive corporate reimbursement may defer the portion of the reimbursable tuition ONLY until six weeks after the last day of class. Proper documentation on company letterhead must be submitted at the time of each registration stating eligibility, amount/percentage reimbursed, grade requirement, etc. Under no circumstances will payment be deferred for more than one term (e.g. incomplete grades, continuous matriculation, etc.). Payment becomes due immediately upon course withdrawal or course failure.

Tuition Payment Plans

For more information please visit the Cashier/Business Office Tuition Payment.

Other Costs

Health Insurance

(Same rates for Domestic and International Students)
Health insurance is required for all resident students, intercollegiate athletes and international students. Student will be charged if not covered by similar insurance.

There is a student health insurance policy made available by Barry University for all registered full-time undergraduate and graduate students. For information regarding the student health plan please contact Student Health Services at (305) 899-3750.

Professional Discounts Provided By The University

Nurses: Registered nurse students enrolled in the RN-BSN (only and all MSN Nursing Programs are entitled to a 30% reduction on tuition. Registered nurse students enrolled in the Ph.D. and DNP (post-masters) Nursing Programs are entitled to a 20% reduction on tuition. Registered nurse students enrolled in the post-baccalaureate DNP nursing program are entitled to a 25% reduction in tuition.

Clergy/Religious: Members of religious communities are entitled to a 30% reduction on tuition. Proof of affiliation is required at each registration.

Teachers: Any full-time **Florida teacher presenting a signed contract or 2012-2013, or a letter from his/her principal at the time of registration, is entitled to a 20% reduction on tuition for Master’s and Specialists courses and 10% for Ph.D. courses. The contract or letter of employment is required at each registration.

**Refers to one place of employment and must be actively teaching.
**Grades Pre-K-12 only.


  • School of Education courses for certification and re-certification are offered at a reduced rate without any further discount.
  • Various tuition discounts exist in other schools of the University. Please inquire within each school for details.
  • These discounts do not apply if tuition is paid through a grant or other subsidy, nor do they apply to discounted tuition, or to programs with special rates.
  • These discounts are not applied retroactively.