On-line Registration

On-line Registration for Summer I & II, 2018 begins Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 8:30AM

In order to register on-line students must:

  1. Have an account balance that is in good standing.
  2. Have a signed registration agreement form from their Academic Advisor.
  3. Have cleared restrictions.
  4. Have electronic registration approval granted by their Academic Advisor in WebAdvisor.

WebAdvisor Access

The first step to online registration is to access WebAdvisor. If you are on campus, go to webadvisor.barry.edu. If you are logging in from a remote location (like home), you must first log on to the Barry network by going to access.barry.edu. If you haven’t activated your Barry email account select “help” on the login page, then select “First time users” click here and follow the step by step instructions provided.

Log in using your Barry username and password.

Once you are inside the Barry University network, a list of available Barry sites will be listed on the left side of your screen. Click on WebAdvisor. You will be on the WebAdvisor homepage. This page provides users with important dates, tutorials, and other documentation.

On-line Registration Procedures

To take part in on-line registration, your account balance must be in good standing. In addition, you must accept the “Terms and Conditions of Online Registration” which precedes the on-line registration screen on WebAdvisor. You must observe the payment arrangements deadline date in order to be considered fully registered. You may not be eligible for on-line registration for a number of reasons i.e. restrictions based on admissions status, residency status, etc. Please review your status using WebAdvisor before attempting on-line registration in order to resolve any issues that may prevent you from using on-line registration. You can access this important information by looking at My Account Summary and Restrictions. WebAdvisor will provide you with up to date information. You must have written approval from your Academic Advisor for all courses for which you register on-line.

Further information is available at www.barry.edu/webadvisor

To Register Using WebAdvisor

The WebAdvisor homepage will display. This page provides users with important dates, tutorials, and other documentation.

  • Click on Log In at the top of the WebAdvisor homepage.
  • Enter your username (same as your Barry network username – use lowercase only)
  • Enter your password (same as your Barry network password)
  • Click on Submit

The WebAdvisor main menu will appear.

  • Click on WebAdvisor for Students
  • Click on Register for Classes

If you know the courses for which you are registering, click on Express Registration.

The “Terms and Conditions of On-Line Registration” screen will display. Read this carefully and click on “I ACCEPT” button only if you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of on-line registration. Click on “I DO NOT ACCEPT” to decline participation in on-line registration and the terms and conditions that apply.

The easiest method for Course registration is to enter the course synonym number which can be found below each course in this Schedule of Classes

  • Under column heading “Synonym” enter the course synonym number. This will automatically populate all other fieldsOR
  • Under column heading “Subject” select the subject from drop down window
  • Under column heading “Course #” enter the course number
  • Under column heading “Section #” enter the section number
  • Under column heading “Term” select the term you are registering for
  • Click submit

A screen will appear displaying your preferred sections.  This confirms your selected courses but you are not yet registered. To complete your registration process you must choose Register from the Action menu and click the Submit button. You may also choose a link at the bottom of the page and your selected sections will be saved for later registration.

Please note that Schedule Adjustments (Adding and/or Deleting Courses) are not yet an option via On-Line registration. All schedule adjustments must be handled in person by visiting the Office of the Registrar during regular business hours.

*Note: Students can register ONLY for those courses for which they have received written approval from their advisor.  If a student registers for coursework not authorized by the advisor, he/she is responsible for the incorrect course selection. 

Walk-in registration will begin from 8:30AM until 5:00PM on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 in the Office of the Registrar for those students not registering on-line.

If you can not access the Barry intranet call the DoIT help desk at 305-899-3604.  Should you experience difficulties accessing WebAdvisor, call the AIS help desk at 305-899-3150.