Students boarding the complimentary shuttle

Commuter Parking

Looking for a place to park? There are three designated Commuter Lots on campus, all of which are monitored by security 24 hours a day.

Landon Parking Lot

Located on the west side of N Miami Ave, the Landon lot is open to commuter students for parking and is conveniently located in almost the center of campus.

Andreas Park/Overflow Lot

Located on NW 2nd Ave, just south of 115 St; shuttle service is offered from the Overflow Lot to Broad Auditorium.

Broad/Garner Lots

Located off NE 115 St; Broad lot = carpool only (enforced 24 hours); Garner = open parking after 4:30pm


Let’s face it, parking can be an issue. Instead of riding around for what can seem like an eternity, why not find away to avoid the problem all together. Barry University offers several resources that you can utilize to make your journey to campus easier on your mind and wallet.


Got a friend that is in all or most of your classes? Why take two separate cars and have both of your looking for a spot. Carpooling saves on gas, time, and helps reduce toxic gases in our environment. Barry University currently teams up with South Florida Commuter Services to provide rewards for those students and faculty who have chosen to take advantage of the carpooling program.

How it works:

To sign up, go to:

You will receive a parking permit in the mail within 7-10 business days which will allow you to utilize the one of the 23 carpool parking spaces located next to the Broad Auditorium. Your carpool registration will be valid for the semester. You will receive a renewal notice from SFCS 30 days prior to the expiration date printed on your permit; including instructions on how to renew your registration.

In order to use the designated parking spaces located at Barry University, your carpool:

  • Must carpool 3 or more days per week.
  • Must have a valid visible SFCS parking hangtag in the vehicle at all times or it will be subject to tow.

Emergency Ride Home Program

You and your carpoolers will automatically be enrolled in the South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program. If email addresses are provided for you or your carpool partners, you will automatically be enrolled in SFCS’ online ERH voucher program.

Discounted Metro Passes

The Office of Commuter Student Resources offers discounted monthly Miami-Dade Student Metro Passes. The Metro Pass has unlimited use for one month (starting 1st) on all Miami-Dade transit buses and Metro Rail. Purchase must be made in person in the Student Union Concierge Office (Landon 103).


Commuter student lockers are located in the library. Lockers are available to rent each semester for $10. Rental agreements must be renewed each semester.