Minor in Computer Science

Dr. James Haralambides explains logical structures for his Software Engineering class.

The minor in Computer Science consists of at least 20 credits in CS courses approved by the advisor, which must include:

CS 231 - Computer Science I

Evolution of hardware and software. Problem analysis and algorithm development. Data types, control structures, subprograms, scope, and recursion. Prerequisite: MAT 109.

CS 232 - Computer Science II

Programming methodology. Data abstraction. Classes and class templates. Inheritance and polymorphism. Search techniques. Algorithm complexity. Windows programming and applications programming interface (API). Prerequisites: CS 231 and MAT 110.

CS 331 - Data Structures and Algorithms

Algorithm analysis. Abstract data types. Techniques for the implementation of abstract data types, such as arrays, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, and graphs. Sorting. Prerequisite: CS 232 and MAT 253.