Prof. Ricardo Jimenez explains the use of a spreadsheet application for his Introduction to Computers class

Computer Science Program Requirements

Computer Science (CS)

The Computer Science program is designed to provide majors with a solid theoretical and technical foundation in the field of computers. The program provides a balance between problem-solving techniques and system implementation. Majors demonstrate skills in critical thinking, project development, independent study, and research.

The curriculum for the Computer Science major consists of the following components:

  • Computer Science Core 30 credits
  • Computer Science specialization 15 credits
  • Mathematics 10 credits
  • Physics 8 credits
  • General Education 42 credits
  • General Electives 15
  • Total - 120 credits

Computer Science, B.S. (120 Credits)

Core Courses (30 Credits)

CS 231Computer Science I 4
CS 232Computer Science II 4
CS-306Database Analysis & Logical Design 4
CS-317Ethics & Digital Technology3
CS-331Data Structures And Algorithms3
CS-332Computer Hardware Organization3
CS-372Software Engineering3
CS-440Data Communications3

Choose One Of Three Options Below (15 Credits)

Cybersecurity Specialization

CS-340Programming For The Web3
CS-474Computer Forensics3
CS-477Computer Security3
CS-478Applied Cryptography3

Data Analytics Specialization

CS-204Introduction To Data Science3
CS-333Data Analytics3
MAT-356Statistics For Science3

Elective must be a CS/MAT 300 level or above course approved by department.

Digital Media Specialization

CS-320Intro To 3d Modeling & Animation3
CS-334Computerized Graphics3
CS-338Web Design, Authoring And Publishing3
CS-341Interactive Multimedia Systems3
CS-342Web Animation3

Mathematics Requirements (10 Credits)

MAT-211Calculus I4
MAT-253Discrete Mathematics I3
MAT-354Discrete Mathematics II3

Physics Requirements (8 Credits)

PHY-201General College Physics I3


PHY-201LGeneral College Physics Laboratory I1


PHY-202General College Physics II3


PHY-202LGeneral College Physics Laboratory1
General Electives (15 Credits)
General Education(42 Credits)
Total(120 Credits)

Note: A minimum grade of C is required in all courses in the CS Core, Science, Mathematics and minor.