CTE Minor

Minor in Computer Technologies

Students using Adobe Illustrator in the Computerized Graphics class.

The minor in Computer Technologies consists of a minimum of 21 credits in computer science courses, with at least 15 credits at the 300 or 400 levels.

Suggested courses are:

CS 325 - Desktop Publishing

Design and production of high quality publications from desktop computers. Text editing and text manipulation. Creating, importing, pasting and cropping graphics. Use of design elements. Printing. Color processing. Building books and booklets. Different types of hardware and software will be discussed. Prerequisite: CS 180 or equivalent.

CS 334 - Computerized Graphics

Development of graphics using various computer software. Graphic files. Bitmapped and vector graphics. Color. Format conversion. Drawing, painting, fractalizing, ray tracing and animation. Prerequisite: CS 180 or equivalent.

CS 338 - Web Design, Authoring and Publishing

Concepts, tools, and technologies of computer networked information with an emphasis on the Internet and the Web. Web clients and servers. Web design, authoring, publishing and programming. Web development tools. Internet trends. Prerequisite: CS 180 or equivalent.

CS 341 - Multimedia Systems

Information retrieval, multimedia organization and design. Editing and manipulating hypertext. Audio, video and still image processing. Development of multimedia for networked systems in a cross-platform environment. Prerequisite: CS 211.

The fifth 300 or 400 level course needs approval from the Department Chair.