Comprehensive Board Review Testimonials

Basically, I have been to several board review courses in the past looking for a course that would not be too cumbersome and overwhelming. Your annual board review is a great refresher course and targets key elements that are more likely to appear on any board. It focuses on pertinent topics that can potentially be addressed on any board and it is put so simple that recollection becomes very easy. I plan to continue to come back every year until my next re-certification which will be in 2012. That year, I also wish to sit for the ABPS and give my theory a try. You can never be too educated but you can be under informed. Thanks for this opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic.

Enid Goris, DPM

Enid Goris

The most difficult part about studying for boards is finding the right book. Once you find the supposed right book and you have a question about a topic, you have no other choice but to grab yet another book. Next thing you know, you have a pile of books yet going nowhere. Now you are in a room with tons of books and bored out of your mind. To go to Barry’s board review is a totally different approach to studying for boards. The course incorporates different learning methods. The faculty, who by the way are experts on the topic they present , use pictures, drill potential questions and repeat topics that are guaranteed to show up on the exam. They are right there to answer any questions you may have. It’s excellent!

Elizabeth Londono, DPM

Elizabeth Londono

The 2009 Barry University board review and mock oral examinations were a great help in preparation for board exams as well as providing a thorough comprehensive review of all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery. Highly recommended if you need a refresher or to help put it all together!

Eric Lullove, DPM

Eric Lullove

The Barry University Board Review lecturers are dynamic and professional. The lecture notes are informative and easy to understand.

Zia Mustafa, Class of 2007

Zia Mustafa

The 2009 Comprehensive Board Review was beneficial to me because the faculty pointed out previously tested subject matter and questions. This augmented the studying I had been doing the months prior, as it targeted important information that was historically covered on the exams. Most helpful, though, was the mock oral exam, which prepared me for the environment in which I would be tested at the actual exam. This helped me to prepare for the timing of the questions, using the information provided by the examiner, and collecting my thoughts to answer accordingly.

Kelly Walker, DPM

Kelly Walker