The Counseling Program provides you with the opportunity to specialize in the following areas. Your academic advisor will help you choose the specialization that best meets your career goals and objectives. You may complete more than one area of specialization simultaneously by completing all program specialization courses, practicum, and internship in each specialization.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling provides students with training in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of individuals dealing with mental health problems. Individual, group, and family therapy are focused upon in this specialization. The curriculum meets the academic requirements for licensure in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (L.M.H.C.) in the State of Florida.

Marital, Couple, Family Counseling/Therapy provides students with an introduction to systemic theories and practices for future therapeutic work with couples and families. Clinical skills are developed to help couples and families deal with relationship issues, life cycle and developmental crises, and other issues which may be affecting family and/or couple life and living. The curriculum of this specialization meets the academic requirements for licensure in Marriage & Family Therapy (L.M.F.T.) in the State of Florida.

School Counseling provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop, implement, and evaluate a PK-12 comprehensive developmental guidance program. Particular attention is given to the multiple roles and responsibilities which a guidance counselor may fulfill in a school setting. The curriculum of this specialization meets the academic requirements for certification in PK-12 Guidance and Counseling by the Florida Department of Education.

Multiple Specializations Are you interested in gaining expertise and being credentialed in more than one specialization? You can do so by taking the Counseling Core as well as the courses required of both specializations!

In some cases there will be courses that count toward both specializations; however, an internship must be completed in each of the specializations.

This means you can graduate from a CACREP program with Clinical Mental Health/Marital, Couple, Family Counseling specializations, Clinical Mental Health/School Counseling specializations, or Marital, Couple, Family/School Counseling specializations. You will be academically eligible for certification and licensure in both areas! You also may increase marketability, career options, and clientele with this option.