Program Overview


As a leader in the counseling profession, you will handle Marital, Couple, and Family issues. The program emphasizes the identification of strengths and wellness rather than pathology. You will learn to counsel clients based on their individual relationships and family patterns. The specialization also includes the study of theories based on postmodern tradition.

You will understand diverse cultural practices once you’ve mastered a body of knowledge related to the profession of counseling and Specialization of Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling/Therapy. You will critically examine social practices, institutions, hospitals, private practices, helping agencies, and other social sites.

Working Professionals

Our program is oriented to meet the needs of working professionals. Classes are held once a week in the evenings Monday through Thursday. Our classes are also small, which gives you the opportunity to receive personal attention from Barry's distinguished faculty.


You will take three courses specifically aimed at the development of research skills. Research experience is available and encouraged by working on faculty-led research teams. Building research skills throughout the doctoral program prepares you to develop your dissertation research projects. Dissertation research consists of original research contributions to the field of Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling/Therapy.

On-Site Clinic

The CARE Center offers a clinically rich learning environment for all of our graduate students. Our faculty provides supervised training in clinical supervision for our doctoral students.

Community Service

You may also participate in the College Reach-Out Program (CROP). The program offers services that focus on enhancing resources for students and families, while also addressing factors outside of school that impact a student's ability to pursue a college education.