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Program Pre/Co-Requisites

The following course work or equivalent is expected to have been completed by doctoral applicants. Students not meeting pre/co-requisites may be admitted into the doctoral program with deficiencies. A student admitted with deficiencies must meet with his/her doctoral advisor and outline the plan to take the pre/co-requisite course work.

  • CSL 596: Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Treatment in Counseling
  • CSL 600: Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling
  • EDR 601: Methodology of Research
  • CSL 605: Treatment of Substance Abuse in Counseling
  • CSL 610: Human Growth and Development
  • CSL 621: Psychological Measurements
  • CSL 629: Social and Cultural Issues in Counseling
  • CSL 650: Human Sexuality
  • CSL 652: Individual Counseling Procedures
  • CSL 653: Career Development and Life Work Planning
  • CSL 658: Group Counseling Procedures
  • CLS 680: Family Counseling and Therapy
  • CSL 686: Counseling Theories and Intervention
  • CSL 687: Marriage and Family Systems
  • CSL 688: Marital Therapy
  • CSL 689: Issues in Marriage and Family
  • CSL 691: Personality Theories
  • CSL 694: Counseling Practicum
  • CSL 699: Counseling Internship

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