School of Education Celebrates Outstanding Students

The Adrian Dominican School of Education celebrated its second annual Outstanding Student Recognition event on April 3, 2014.

Awards were given to a faculty selected outstanding student from each department. Students were selected based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership among peers, and promise to their field and discipline.  Faculty proudly recognized the students’ accomplishments and leadership in the presence of families, friends, and professors.

Outstanding students include:

  • Brianni Lorenzo- Undergraduate Education, presented by Dr. Vivian Posey
  • Chelsea Rupp- Graduate in Curriculum and Instruction, presented by Dr. Lilia DiBello
  • Stephanie Auguste- Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, presented by Dr. Lilia DiBello     
  • Ximena Guerrero- Graduate in Montessori, presented by Mrs. Heidy Lilchin
  • Sashay Goodletty- Graduate in Counseling, presented by Dr. Lauren Shure
  • George Harrington- Doctorate in Counseling, presented by Dr. Raul Machuca
  • Kandece McLean- Graduate in School Psychology, presented by Dr. Agnes Shine             
  • Carlos Huguet- Graduate in Reading, presented by Dr. Jennie Ricketts-Duncan
  • Sonja Azim- Graduate in Exceptional Student Education,               presented by Dr. Luis Conde
  • Opia Astwood- Graduate in Educational Leadership, presented by Dr. Rosa Borgen      
  • Natasha Stubbs- Doctorate in Higher Education Administration, presented by Dr. Carmen McCrink
  • Yeshica Yanes- Graduate in Organizational Learning and Leadership, presented by Dr. Katya Matusevich
  • Jovana Markovic- Doctorate in Organizational Learning and Leadership, presented by Dr. Jean McAtavey

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