Disability Awareness Quiz #2

Disability Awareness Quiz #2

As a part of Disability Awareness Month, the Office of Disability Services would like to present their second quiz for Disability Awareness Month. The first quiz with the most accurately answered questions wins a prize and everyone is eligible! Send all answers to stillman@mail.barry.edu by Friday, Oct. 12, 2012.

In addition, look throughout the university’s grounds for “fun facts” posted by ODS. These informative notes are all over campus and present interesting facts about various disabilities. (They could help you win the contest!)

Quiz # 2 – How much do you know about the Office of Disability Services?

1. True or False: The Office of Disability Services is located in Landon?


2. In order to schedule testing in our office, how many days in advance are students required to submit a Testing Accommodations Request?

a. 2 hours
b. 2 days
c. 2 working days
d. 2 weeks
e. Just walk in

3. Do we provide parking decals for our registered students?

___Depends on who you are

4. True or False: We accept physician documentation older than three years.


5. True or False: Required ODS forms can be delivered in person, faxed, emailed, or submitted right from our website.


6. Who is the Administrative Assistant of the Office of Disability Services?

a. Ria
b. Lesley
c. Sherise
d. Shekinah
e. William

7. Which does not belong?

a. Lunch & Learn
b. American Sign Language Workshop
c. Movie Night
d. Florida Diagnostic Learning & Resources System
e. Move For Disability
f. They are all a part of DAM.

8. True or False: If you require special services while using a computer, you must first obtain permission from ODS and then for a small fee, you can use one of the special computers in our lab.


9. What are the three documents needed to register with ODS?

a. Physician documentation, class schedule, Intake form
b. Class schedule, Update form, prescription
c. Documentation guidelines, accommodation memo, note from doctor
d. Exam, TAR, Intake form

10. Our Lingo – What do the following acronyms stand for?


We hope you had fun with our quiz. Good luck! Don’t forget to email your answers back to stillman@mail.barry.edu.