MARC U*STAR/MBRS RISE Spring 2013 Newsletter available

The spring 2013 edition of the MARC U*STAR/MBRS RISE Newsletter is now available. The newsletter can be viewed at either the MARC U*STAR homepage or the RISE homepage, or by clicking the link below.

MARC U*STAR/MBRS RISE Spring 2013 Newsletter

About the programs:

The MARC U*STAR and MBRS RISE programs are supported by the National Institutes of Health to provide research opportunities for students and faculty. MARC U*STAR scholars are biology, psychology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics majors who carry out research on campus and who will pursue a PhD in their major. Scholars receive tuition and a monthly stipend. MBRS RISE students major in biology and chemistry and are paid an hourly wage to carry out research with faculty on campus during the semesters and off campus during the summers.

For more information, please contact Dr. Flona Redway at 305-899-3542.