Eco-Tips Theme Two - Water Conservation and Protection

Eco-Tips Theme Two - Water Conservation and Protection

Barry’s Ecological Sustainability Team (BEST) is excited to announce a new Eco-Tip theme to bring attention to environmental issues of our day and to let members of Barry University know how they can help reduce the human impact on our ecological community. Each Eco-Tip theme will showcase consequences of human behaviors on the Earth as well as what Barry University is doing to help us live more symbiotically with our natural environment. Together we can become more sustainable and preserve and protect the Earth for all, especially future generations and other members of our natural community who cannot speak for themselves. The second Eco-Tips is water conservation and protection.

The tips will appear on BUCWIS and Barry University's homepage. You may subscribe to receive the Eco-Tip of the week in your inbox. Alternatively, an Eco-Tip button on BUCWIS and Student Web, will link you to any Eco-Tips you may have missed. 

  1. 1.     Did you know:

 2.    Advantages of reusing your own water bottle:

  • Save costs of bottled water
  • Save energy
  • Lower exhaust emissions from transportation
  • Save our landfills

3.    Barry’s Actions to Conserve Water:

  • In 2009, the law campus outfitted all faucets with aerators—this reduces water flow while maintaining water pressure; later liquid soap was replaced with foam soap to reduce hand-washing time.  The new law school building was built in accordance with a green design to meet LEED Silver standards and incorporates low volume urinals and toilets to reduce water simply flushed away.
  • In April 2013, Barry University School of Law installed a new Elkay EZH2O bottle filling station in its cafeteria, which uses a sensor to automatically fill or refill water bottles three times faster than a regular drinking fountain.  As of May 17, 2013, the EZH2O machine has registered 835 uses, meaning it has kept 835 plastic bottles out of landfills.