2013 BUC Walking Challenge

2013 BUC Walking Challenge


You are invited to the 2013 BUC Walking Challenge!

Get ready to “take steps towards a better you” by joining our 6-week challenge.   Join us on the Thompson Lawn on Monday October 14, 2013 from 11:00am to 2:00pm for the Kickoff Event.  Here You will receive your team pedometers and other valuable information.


                                               Individual                      Team

Barry Students                      $15.00                         $40.00

Barry Employees                  $20.00                         $50.00

Community                            $20.00                         $60.00

*Registration on the day of the event is $30.00 for everyone.

**Teams must make payments in full when registering to receive discount

Registration fees include:

*T-SHIRT                                            $10 per participant

*PEDOMETER                                  $10 per participant

*FITNESS ASSESSMENT               $75 per participant

*BONUS EVENTS                            (extra step opportunities)