Disability Awareness Month – Quiz 1

Disability Awareness Month – Quiz 1

How much do you know about the Office of Disability Services? Take our weekly quizzes during October’s Disability Awareness Month to find out.

Write your answers in an email and send them to:stillman@barry.edu.

1. True or False: The Office of Disability Services is located in Thompson Hall?


2. How many days in advance do we require professors to submit tests to the office?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. Just walk in

3. Does Barry provide parking decals?

__Depends on who you are

4. True or False: We accept physician documentation older than 3 years.


5. True or False: The only way for you to get the forms you need are to stop into our office between the hours of 9 to 5pm.


6. Who is currently serving as the Director of the Office of Disability Services?

  1. Eileen McDonough
  2. Leslie Rouder
  3. Allison Kowlessar
  4. Shekinah Tillman
  5. Sherise Dawkins


7. Which does not belong?

  1. Darryl Gwenn Foundation
  2. American Sign Language Workshop
  3. The Mindful Child Workshop for Educators & Parents
  4. Move For Disability

8. True or False" If you require special services while using a computer, you must first obtain permission from ODS and then for a small fee you can use one of the special computers in the Garner Lab.


9. What should professors submit to ODS in order for students to test in our office?

  1. Testing form
  2. Testing materials
  3. Test
  4. All of the above