Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Immediate Application

In order to broaden your curriculum expertise and instructional skills, you will work with experienced faculty to create instructional methods and strategies aimed at solving problems commonly found in teaching environments. Whatever specialization you choose, you can take the knowledge and skills you have learned and put them into practice immediately.

These courses come alive as you receive guidance from your professors and peers to improve your teaching style and skills in real-time. Throughout this experience, you will examine a variety of curricula, issues, trends, teaching methods, and research, as you take on the role of an instructional leader.

Accommodating the Working Professional

You can complete this program in two years by taking two classes per semester. Courses are offered in the evening to accommodate the working professional.

Skills You Will Gain

Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  1. Design, develop, implement and evaluate effective, collaborative, and innovative (P-12) learning contexts through an engaging, discipline-specific curriculum that incorporates evidence-based practice, appropriate materials, resources, and technologies
  2. Engage in on-going professional development and provide professional development opportunities for peers to ensure continuous improvement in their discipline and pedagogical practice
  3. Consider, reflect upon, and respect social and cultural influences on student learning within richly diverse educational settings and adapt curricular, instructional, and assessment practices using a social justice framework
  4. Continuously evaluate curricular, instructional, and assessment decisions as they impact the intellectual, social, emotional, and personal development of diverse learners
  5. Practice on-going interpretation and application of research as educational leaders
  6. Continuously develop knowledge and expertise in the chosen disciplinary area(s)