Hyflex FAQs

What is a hyflex program?

A hyflex program is a program that allows you to decide how you’d like to learn—in-person, online with live sessions, or a blend of both. This modality gives students the flexibility to pursue classes in a manner that best suits their learning needs and optimize their educational experiences.

What are hyflex courses like?

Hyflex courses are similar to any other course, the only difference is that there is much more flexibility. Students can expect to experience the same highly-interactive, engaging education with these courses as they would in a traditional face-to-face model.

What is the difference between online, hyflex, and face-to-face?

Online classes are virtual sessions comprised of synchronous (live online sessions) and asynchronous (self-directed online) class components. Face-to-face is an in-person learning option. Hyflex is a combination of the both—online and face-to-face.

What resources are available to me as a hyflex or online student?

The same resources that are offered to any of our main campus, face-to-face Barry University students, are offered to our Hyflex students. This includes, but is not limited to: library resources, the writing lab, fitness center, IT support, Barry Bookstore.

Will my diploma say “online degree”?

No. Students receive the same diploma with the degree earned regardless of modality.

Will I get to know my professors and classmates in an online or hyflex program?

Absolutely! Hyflex students receive the same support and guidance that all degree seekers have access to as students. During class you will be able to speak with your professors, ask questions, and get connect with your colleagues.

Is an online or hyflex program easier than a face-to-face program?

No. We recognize that learning is highly personal and unique to all individuals and one options is not easier or different in terms of learning objectives, expectations, our outcomes. Our hyflex programs were developed with the highest standards to maintain the integrity of all our degrees.

How do I know which format is right for me?

Researching, gathering information and understanding your own preferences will help you determine which modality is best for you. If you’d like to connect and receive more details or guidance on deciding on what is right for you, please schedule a 1:1 by visiting (barry.edu/gradbooking) and selecting the School of Education.