Professionals in Residence

Learn from Professionals

More and more universities are hiring individuals who do not necessarily have a vast background in the subject they are teaching. However, at Barry University you can rest assured you are being taught by professionals who wholeheartedly know the communication industry.

Within the graduate programs at Barry University we ensure we hire the best of the best in the field, whether they are from a local station or have worked in the communication field. Students will be taught by actual professionals who are currently in or have experienced this field first hand.

Not only do we bring in current professionals, but our distinguished faculty has a vast background as well. Many have researched and worked within this field for many years, providing not only a great knowledge base, but also great opportunities to network among their contacts.

Profiles of Some Current Professionals

Glen Eklund: Glen is the manager of sales production for WPLG-TV, Channel 10. He has 36 years of experience in the broadcast industry as a studio director, station general manager, and programmer. He teaches Media Programming, bringing in current television executives as guest speakers.

Connie Hicks: Connie is an Assistant Professor and Professional in Residence. She has more than 25 years of experience in reporting television news, how to write, report and anchor for the broadcast medium.

Bert Delgado: Bert teaches the basics of television production, field reporting and editing and advanced video editing. He has been both an instructor and a producer of content for well over 40 years.

Professional Speakers

Every year we bring in professionals from the Miami community to speak with our students. This is beneficial because students are able to network and learn about the day-to-day within their profession of interest. Also, speakers help to reiterate what is being taught in the classroom and how it applies to working within the industry.

The graduate programs have a variety of professional speakers who come to share their experiences with students.