“Delgado Courses” frighten, inspire Barry Communication students

“Delgado Courses” frighten, inspire Barry Communication students

By: Jackisha FanFan

Sweaty palms, anxiousness, increase in heart rate. These aren't side effects. If you ask any student in the Department of Communications, they’ll tell you this is normal when taking a “Delgado Course.”

Bert Delgado is famously known among students as one of the toughest and most intimidating teachers. “Delgado Courses” are so intimidating that his classes often come with a warning label from advisor to students.

However, Delgado is quite an anomaly. On one hand students are nearly terrified of him, cringing simply at the thought of attending his class or being called on to answer a question.

“He’s intimidating at first, even when you’ve had him for some time,” said Daniel Baker, senior communications major. “I don’t really have any good experiences with Delgado.”

On the other hand, there are students that like the course and enjoy Delgado’s teaching methods.

“I never thought he was intimidating, well maybe the first class,” laughed Sophia Ritter, sophomore communications major. “I thought he was pretty funny, you just really have to apply yourself. It’s the class that seems intimidating.”

Cuban born, Delgado fell in love with film and television production at the age of 15. “I fell in love with film and making film.” said Delgado “Seeing everything you shot projected on a big screen, I loved that.”

Delgado left Cuba to pursue his passion for film and arrived in Rome, Italy where he was awarded a studied film, television, and directing while earning a diploma from II Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. 

Delgado’s extensive career includes working in New York for several years at WNEW-TV, WNJU, and ABC News. In 1970, Delgado moved to Miami where he worked several years as a program operations manager at WCIX TV.

Delgado moved into teaching at Miami Dade College, then Florida International University until 2008, and later joined Barry that same year.

Along with an impressive resume with 60 years of experience, Delgado has had many accomplishments. He earned FIU’s Award of Excellence for lifetime achievement and has even been awarded the Key to the City of Miami twice for his public service.  However, when asked what his greatest accomplishments are Delgado says his two sons Bert Jr. and Jorge. Both presently work in the television industry and both his former students.  Bert Jr. is the Senior Vice President of Production at Univision, while Jorge is at Telemundo Television Network.

Barry Alumna Shanique King (BS ’13) credits Delgado for part of her success post-graduation.

“I loved Delgado’s class; out of all the courses I learned the most in his classes,” King said. “I heard all the hype about him from classmates but I didn’t find any of it to be true. He’s a realist. He’s not going to hold your hand or babysit you; if you expect that then he’s going to be intimidating to you.”

King graduated with honors and in the same year was hired by Fusion Television Network, scoring the interview after being referred to the position by Delgado himself.

Delgado admitted that he knows his classes come with an unofficial warning label, but he says it’s only in preparation for what’s to come after graduation.

“You know what? When I get home I laugh because everything is an act,” said Delgado. “It has to be, otherwise students will get lost because this is training for real life and this industry isn’t like high school, or college for that matter.”

Students who admitted to being scared of “Delgado Courses” still admit that they have learned the most in courses taught by him. 

“I know what they say.” says Delgado. “They say that I am intimidating but I have a passion for what I teach and I want them to succeed, but it’s their prerogative 


Putting practice to work is all he wants from his students.