Minor in Advertising

A minor in advertising allows students from across the university to take classes that contribute to their understanding of the most persuasive component of marketing communication. This flexible program, allows students the opportunity to explore areas of interest, including strategic thinking, the creative process, digital publishing, mobile and digital advertising placement, global advertising trends and the impact of advertising on society. Students in Graphic Design, Marketing, Business, Psychology, Political Science and other cognates in Communication will find obvious relevance in a minor in advertising.

Minor in advertising (21 credits)

Required Courses(9 credits)
ADV 301Principles of Advertising3 credits
ADV 401Advertising Creative Strategy & Execution3 credits
ADV 484Public Relations & Advertising Research3 credits
Choose four from the following(12 credits)
ART 205Graphic Design Foundations3 credits
COM 309Multimedia Communication3 credits
COM 314Digital Media Production3 credits
ADV 362Advertising Media Plan3 credits
COM 395Media Publishing in the Digital Age3 credits
COM 412Persuasion3 credits
ADV 442Advertising & Social Responsibility3 credits
ADV 480International Advertising3 credits