Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Communication Prefix: COM

104  Interpersonal Communication (3)

Study of self-concept, perception, language, listening, emotions, and conflict as they relate to person-to-person communication.

201  Introduction to Communication (3)

This course provides an overview of the human communication discipline. Students will be introduced to various topics within Communication, including the rudiments of communication theory and a survey of communication contexts (e.g., interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, mass, and intercultural).

304  Intercultural Communication (3)

An introduction to the factors which influence communication among individuals of different subcultures. Both theoretical and practical problems of intercultural communication are analyzed. Prerequisite: SPE 101 or COM 104.

320  Family and Communication (3)

This course focuses on the ways families communicate in order to increase understanding of one’s own communication behaviors and improve speech and communication skills. The course will focus on the principles and practices of effective, ethical, persuasive communication as applied to family groups. Prerequisites: COM 201 and either SPE 101 or COM 104.

326  Small Group Communication (3)

Theory and practice in leading and participating in small groups. Special focus on problem solving and the management of conflict. Prerequisites: COM 201 and either SPE 101 or COM 104.

390  Principles and Case Studies of Public Relations (3)

Basic concepts of public relations; case studies; the tools and media used in communication with the public.

407  Theories of Human Communication (3)

The study of Theoretical orientations in the field of human communication. Focus on 20th century theorists and schools of thought including models of communication. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.

408  Relational Communication (3)

Focus on the nature and functions of communication within relationships. The purpose of this course is to provide a survey of some of the major theoretical perspectives and historical and contemporary research on relational communication. Topics include relationship stages, attraction, dating, relational communication dysfunction, and family communication. Prerequisites: COM 201 and either SPE 101 or COM 104.

409  Organizational Communication (3)

This course focuses on the nature and functions of communication in organizational settings. The course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the concepts and methods needed to assess and improve the nature of communication processes in organizations. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing.

412  Persuasion (3)

Beginning with Aristotle, this course provides an historical perspective on how persuasion has evolved to modern times. Emphasis on factors such as attention, perception, needs, values, and credibility. Practice in presentation of persuasive oral and written communication. Emphasis given to persuasive campaigns. Prerequisites: COM 201 and either SPE 101 or COM 104.

495  Communication Law (3)

Studies in the current laws governing the mass media. Role of the FCC, libel, privacy, and First Amendment issues.

499  Internship (3-12)

Practical experience in communication in a professional setting. CR/NC grade; unpaid internships only. Prerequisites: Senior standing (90+ credit hours); 2.5 overall G.P.A. with minimum 3.0 G.P.A. in major; approval of Advisor, Department Chair, and Dean.

Advertising Prefix: ADV

301  Principles of Advertising (3)

Basic principles of advertising and their role in media and society. Includes advertising environment in the 21st Century, agency and client relationships, consumer behavior, ethics, and the role of research, creative appeals, and media selection in advertising effectiveness. Study of the organization of the advertising profession.

Speech Prefix: SPE

101  Fundamentals of Speech (3)

Study and practice of basic public communication skills.

401  Business and Professional Communication (3)

Application of principles of speech communication in the presentation of informational reports, conference management, and interviewing. Prerequisite: SPE 101.

415  Speech Research, Writing and Delivery (3)

Study of speech design and delivery for a variety of public situations. Includes the study of research sources, content, and organization in speeches written for and delivered by others. Prerequisite: SPE 101.