3 + 3 Accelerated Law Program

Students in the Communication and Media Studies program also have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree and Juris doctor degree in a combined six years rather than the usual seven years. This is a joint program between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Dwayne O Andreas School of Law. Participants in the program will complete the first three years of study through the College of Arts & Sciences and the fourth year in residence at the Law School. Successful completion of the first-year law classes will satisfy the final requirements and credits for the bachelor’s degree.

Program Admission

Admission to the 3+3 Accelerated Law Program occurs in two stages: a) initial selection by Communication Department faculty members during a student’s first or sophomore year, and b) final selection by Barry Law School during a student’s junior year. Further admission related details can be found in the university catalog.

Requirements For The Bachelor’s Degree:

Undergraduate distribution51 credits
Communication and media studies requirement39 credits
Departmental Requirement (3 credits)
COM 201Introduction to Communication
Media Foundations (15 credits)
COM 200Media & Society
COM 335Media Theory
ADV 442Advertising & Social Responsibility
COM 484Media & Communication Research
COM 495Communication Law
Communication Requirements (12 credits)
COM 104Interpersonal Communication
COM 304Intercultural Communication
COM 349Social Media & Identity
COM 409Organizational Communication
Electives (6 credits)
COM 311Communication and Gender
COM 323Communication Race & Ethnicity
COM 331Health and Development Communication
COM 412Persuasion
COM 499Communication Internship
Capstone and Integrative Experience (3 credits)
COM 470Senior Seminar
Year 1 Law school30 Credits
Civil Procedure5 credits [3+2]
Contracts6 credits [3+3]
Criminal Law 3 credits
Legal Research & Writing, 1, 26 credits [3+3]
Property5 credits [3+2]
Torts5 credits [3+2]
Total 120 credits