From Study To Skills

Communication and Media Studies major offered at Barry University helps students develop valuable transferable skills.

Communication and Media Studies courses develop a broad range of analytical and communication skills, which provide the foundation for various career paths in business, education, and public affairs.

Skills And Abilities

Communication Skills
Communicate ethically
Speak and write clearly
Explain complex ideas and processes
Dialogue with others
Assess and present differing viewpoints
Create effective presentations and messages

Analytical and Research Skills
Formulate and systematically investigate hypotheses
Design market and media research
Implement research outcomes
Systematically gather sources of information
Critically assess evidence
Effectively organize and present information

Manage and Plan Projects
Independently work to create projects
Attending to details
Organizing teams and small groups

Interpersonal Skills
Identifying different needs of individuals, organizational members, and audiences
Understanding organizational and cultural values
Collaborating with others
Interviewing people