What Can You Do With This Degree?

According to recent surveys, CEOs of corporations say that effective nonverbal and verbal communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are important in a business environment. Majoring in communication and media studies provides a strong liberal arts background and skills that make our students sought after by both profit and non-profit organizations.

Some students graduating with a degree in communication and media studies choose to pursue graduate studies, while others may find success in the following career tracks:

Advertising: Marketing Researcher, Copy Writer, Account Executive, Media Planner, Media Buyer.

Communication Education: High School Speech Forensics/Debate Coach, Researcher, Fundraiser.

Electronic Media, Radio, & Television Broadcasting: Broadcaster, Community Relations Director, News Writer, Advertising Sales Coordinator, Market Researcher, Social Media Marketer, Social Media Researcher.

Journalism (Print or Electronic): Reporter, Editor, Script Writer, News Service Researcher, Technical Writer.

Public Relations: Publicity Manager, Marketing Researcher, Lobbyist, Corporate Public Affairs Specialist, Account Executive, News Writer, Public Opinion Researcher.

Government/Politics: Public Information Officer, Legislative Assistant, Research Analyst, Lobbyist.

Communication and Health Care: Health Campaign Coordinator, Healthcare Advocate, Grants Writer, Public Relations Officer, Research Analyst, Social Marketing Officer.

Law: Legal Researcher, Mediation & Negotiation Specialist, Legal Secretary, Legal Reporter.

Social and Human Services: Human Rights Official, Peace Keeper, Community Affairs Liaison.

Career Paths of Our Recent Graduates of the Communication and Media Studies program include:

  • Special Events Coordinator, Roc-away PR
  • Public Affairs Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC
  • Instructor, Miami Dade College
  • Portfolio Consultant, Lonsdale Advertising Agency, Nassau
  • Community Coordinator, World Committee on Disability, Washington DC
  • Public Affairs Specialist, Smithsonian Institute, Air and Space Museum