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Adjunct Faculty

Brent Campbell

Brent Campbell

M.A., Barry University
Lecturer in Communication

Brent Campbell holds degrees from Miami College, Florida Atlantic University, and Barry University. With over ten years teaching experience in secondary education combined with over twenty years in the corporate sector with the IBM Corporation, Brent has a broad perception of dyadic communication and professional group communication. Previous to teaching on campus in Miami Shores, Brent taught for the PACE Program at the Palm Beach County and Doral Campuses. In addition to teaching at Barry University, Brent also is an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach State College, Kaplan University, and Allied Health Institute. Research interests include intercultural communication with concentration on the Protestant/Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland.

Phone: 305-899-4718
Fax: 305-899-3451
Office: Garner 137

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