Dr. Nickesia Gordon

Nickesia Gordon


Ph.D., Howard University
Associate Professor of Communication

Research/Teaching Interests: gender and media, media and popular culture, development communication, political economy of media.

Nickesia S. Gordon (Ph.D., Howard University) is Assistant Professor of Communication at Barry University since 2007. Her research interest involves looking at the intersections among gender, mass media and popular culture. She also has an active research agenda in new/social media and development as well as the political economy of mass media. She teaches courses in Mass Media Theory, Media Management and Programming, Communication Research Methods as well introductory communication courses.

Publications in her current field of study include:  

Gordon, Nickesia & Sorensen, Kristen (2012). “Jamaica and Chile online: Accessing and using the internet in a developing world context.” In Pauline Cheong, Judith Martin and Leah Macfadyen (Eds.). New Media and Intercultural Communication. New York: Peter Lang Press.
Gordon, Nickesia (2012). “Virile bodies, docile subjects: The representation of Caribbean masculinities in international women’s magazines.” In Kamille A. Gentles-Peart and Maurice L. Hall (Eds.) Re-Constructing Place and Space: Media, Power, and Identity in the Constitution of a Caribbean Diaspora. MA: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Niles, N. & Gordon, N. (2011). Still searching for our mother’s gardens: Experiences of new, tenure track women of colour at ‘majority’ institutions. Eds. Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America.

Gordon, Nickesia (2011). “Watching my B/lack: The not so colorblind world of academia.” In Niles and Gordon (Eds.) Still Searching For Our Mother’s Gardens: Experiences of New, Tenure Track Women of Colour at ‘Majority’ Institutions. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.

Gordon. N. (2009). “Globalization and cultural imperialism in Jamaica: the homogenization of content and Americanization of Jamaican TV through programme modeling.” International Journal of Communication. Vol 3, 307-331.
Gordon. N. (2008). Media and the politics of culture: The case of television privatization and media globalization in Jamaica (1990-2007). Boca Raton, Universal Publishers.

Email: ngordon@barry.edu
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Fax: 305-899-3451
Office: Gar 134