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Living in South Florida

Opportunities for practical experience

You can be assured that Barry's South Florida locations offer you excellent opportunities for obtaining the knowledge, skills, and practical experiences that will allow you to advance in the field of communication.

International Community

South Florida’s diversity, with both residents and visitors drawn from around the world, invites professional exchange of ideas and creative solutions. This diversity also allows you to work with colleagues and student populations from a variety of countries, cultures, socio-economic groups, and religious backgrounds, giving you potential to develop a depth of understanding you cannot not find elsewhere.


Barry's Miami Shores Campus is fifteen minutes from the beach and about twenty minutes from South Beach, museums, dining, cultural events, and clubs. Fort Lauderdale’s Las Olas and Riverside are both excellent for shopping or dining. Plays, headline musical performances, Opera, and Art are integral to South Florida life. Major sporting events are also just a short drive away from our main campus.

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