Why Barry University?

The public relations program at Barry University exposes you to the principal areas of public relations.  The curriculum provides a broad-based knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach that includes not only public relations courses, but those that complement and strengthen the field such as advertising, writing, marketing, strategic campaign planning, and photography. Then with a holistic understanding of the field, you will discover your specialty as you learn how public relations functions.

Our Location in South Florida

Miami is considered the gateway to Latin America making our location here very advantageous.  The region is host to numerous advertising and public relations agencies.  This enables our students to find attractive internships many of which have led to job offers.

What Students Have to Say

Talk to any student studying public relations and they will tell you how well they know our faculty, and how well the faculty knows them. The familiarity comes through small classes, individualized attention and the professor’s genuine interest in each student’s progress.

“I chose this major because of the close-knit community within the public relations program. You get to form relationships with other students and the professors.”
- Greg Soboff

“My pursuit to study public relations led me to the Department of Communication at Barry University. The great opportunity for internships in South Florida is abundant and the admirable reputation of Barry was the turning point. The experienced and talented professors in the Department further convinced me to pursue this degree.”
- Meghan Hass

“I have always been interested in public relations, and South Florida is a great place to gain experience and network with professionals.  Barry University provides public relations classes and internships that help you to be prepared for what this fast-paced industry requires.”
- Jackie Grieco, student