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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Success in college depends on such factors as student's motivation, intelligence, talent, problem-solving abilities, and hard work. For students with AD/HD, these traits must be complimented by an understanding of their learning style and their ways of compensating for their disability. The Office of Disability Services strives to help students capitalize on their strengths and minimize the impact of their AD/HD. We strongly believe that each student can discover the unique ways in which he or she can learn best.

Classroom and Exam Accommodations

Necessary classroom and exam accommodations are determined on an individual basis during the intake process. Support services and accommodations to Barry students with AD/HD are provided for both undergraduates or graduates. Services are available to matriculated Barry students who provide appropriate documentation (see documentation guidelines) of their AD/HD. An accommodation plan is made with each student, based on his or her needs, keeping in mind the goal of encouraging independence.

Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and will vary depending on submitted documentation and on the particular needs of the student. Accommodations may include: extended time, readers, private test rooms, scribes, and use of a computer or calculator. The Office of Disability Services maintains a testing room for students who need extended time or a quiet testing area to take exams. Students may require assistance in arranging for the taping of lectures, assistance in ordering books on tape, and priority seating in the classroom. Technological aids such as Dragon Dictate, Text Help, and computers with spell and grammar check are available in the Disability Services Resource Room. Students are encouraged to take advantage of study strategy and test-taking skill enhancement information available by meeting regularly with their Disability Services Counselor.

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