Services for Students

The Division of Information Technology provides the following services for University students:

  1. Establish network IDs (network account and username)
  2. Network computer connection:
    • Network connectivity through ResNet in the Residence Halls.
    • Global Internet access.
    • Virus protection.
    • Wireless computing in certain campus areas such as the Library and Thompson Hall.
    • Remote access services for off-campus connectivity.
    • Print and copy services for the Library, Computer Labs, and several Residence Halls.
  3. Use of email:
    • E-mail services.
    • Online Campus Directory for phone and e-mail lookup.
    • Web mail.
    • E-mail quota, password, and vacation message options.
    • Student organizations’ mailing lists and listservs.
  4. Getting Help:
    • Computing questions on network connectivity and use of e-mail.
    • Help desk walk-in, phone-in, and chat services.
    • Lost file recovery assistance.
    • Resetting a forgotten password.
    • Disinfection of virus infected computer.
    • Advice on dealing with junk e-mail, harassments, and security attacks.
  5. Resources for academic work:
    • Course web pages and information through Canvas.
  6. Telephones and voicemail:
    • Student Telephone Information.
    • Student Telephone Services.
    • Voicemail for students in Residence Halls.
  7. Personal and group resources:
    • Announcements of DoIT Services, changes, and outages.
    • E-mail accounts for recognized student organizations.
    • Web pages for student organizations.
    • Web broadcast of special events.
    • Dedicated Student Web