Leadership Team

Jill Farrell, EdDProfessor and Interim Dean
David M. Kopp, PhDAssociate Professor and Associate Dean
M. Sylvia Fernandez, PhDProfessor and Associate Dean for Clinical Practice Division


Ruth Ban, PhDAssociate Professor
Rosa D. Borgen, PhDAssistant Professor
Sean Buckreis, PhDAssistant Professor
Yvonne Campbell, PhDAssistant Professor
Brian Canfield, EdDProfessor
Lilia Dibello, EdDAssociate Professor and Chair,
Curriculum and Instruction Department
Priva Fischweicher, PhDAssistant Professor
Patrick Gaffney, PhDAssistant Professor
Javier Gonzalez, PhDAssistant Professor
Judy Harris-Looby, PhDAssociate Professor and Chair,
Exceptional Student Education Department
Angelique S. Jackson, EdDAssistant Professor
Alan S. Koesten, MSDirector, Montessori Programs
Raul Machuca, PhDAssistant Professor
Joanna Marasco, PhDAssistant Professor
Jovana Markovic, PhDAssistant Professor
Arleezah Marrah, PhDAssistant Professor
Katsiaryna Matusevich, PhDAssistant Professor
Jean McAtavey, PhDAssociate Professor and Chair,
Organizational Learning and Leadership Department
Cindy McCoy, EdDProfessor
Carmen McCrink, PhDAssociate Professor and Chair,
Higher Education Administration Department
Regina Moro, PhDAssistant Professor
Emilie Ney, PhDAssistant Professor and Chair,
Counseling Department
Sam Perkins, PhDDirector, Undergraduate Education Program
Vivian Posey, EdDAssistant Professor and Chair,
Educational Leadership Department
Sr. Ellen Rice, PhDAssistant Professor
Jennie Ricketts-Duncan, PhDAssistant Professor
Fay Roseman, PhDAssistant Professor
James Rudes, PhDAssociate Professor
Christine Sacco-Bene, PhDProfessor
Karen Shatz, PhDAssociate Professor
Agnes Shine, PhDAssociate Professor and Coordinator,
School Psychology Department
Lauren Shure, PhDAssistant Professor
Gerene Starratt, PhDAssociate Professor
Nicole Yvette Strange-Martin, EdDAssociate Professor and Chair,
Reading and Literacy Studies Department
Mehmet Turegun, PhDAssociate Professor
Joyce Warner, EdDAssociate Professor
Heidi Whitford, PhDAssistant Professor
Carter Winkle, PhDAssistant Professor
Clara Wolman, PhDProfessor

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