Transfer Courses

Transferability of credits from another institution to Barry is at the discretion of the dean (or his/her designee). The number of credits acceptable for transfer from another institution toward a Barry graduate degree is limited to six (6) credits. Previously earned credits, if accepted for transfer must be completed in less than the (5) year period immediately preceding initial enrollment at Barry.

  • Only relevant courses will be transferred at the beginning
  • Only courses for which a grade of A or B was earned will be considered
  • Only credits will be transferred, not grades or grade point averages
  • Credits used to earn a degree at another institution will not be accepted

The academic advisor will facilitate the process for the acceptance of graduate credit to be transferred into Barry University prior to the end of the student's first year in the Barry graduate program.

American Council on Education

Credit for formal courses and educational programs sponsored by non-collegiate organizations and evaluated by the American Council on Education can be accepted in transfer with the permission of the dean (or his/her designee) if relevant to the graduate degree program. Refer to the Transfer Credit section as the same policy applies.

Students can check the online National Guide to College Credit at to see if courses or educational programs are listed. Students must submit official transcripts from the American Council on Education by the end of their first semester, if enrolled in the MAA or MPA program.

The American Council on Education, College Credit Recommendation Service provides a lifelong registry and transcript service to participants who successfully complete a course, examination, or certification with an American Council on Education recommendation as listed in the National Guide. Official transcripts may be obtained by registering online at:

Official transcripts should be sent to: Barry University, Recruitment and Admissions, 11300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161. For additional information on transcript services from the American Council on Education, call 1-866-205-6267 or 1-202-939-9470. Email