Minor in Education

Minor in Education

A Minor in Education is a way for you to explore teaching within your subject area, learn different facets of education, and gain experience working with students in a variety of settings. Completing the minor gives you a strong knowledge base in the area of education and prepares you for a graduate program or career in the field of education. Barry undergraduates with any major are welcome to complete the minor.

The minor consists of 21 credits (7 courses) and passing the General Knowledge Exam (GKE) portion of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination*.

Required courses**:
EDU 221 Child Development (offered Spring)
EDU 322 Methods of Teaching Reading (offered Fall)
EDU 451 Engaging Learners in the Classroom (offered Fall)
EMC 202 Designing Instruction & Assessment (offered Spring)
EDU 371 Instructional Strategies (offered Fall)
EDU 372 Inclusionary Settings (offered Spring)

ONE elective from the following courses:
EDU 160 Foundations (offered Fall)
EDU 369 Teaching Language Arts through Children’s Literature (offered Spring)
EDU 466 Reading Assessment & Instruction (offered Fall)
TSL 400 Comprehensive ESOL Strategies (offered Fall)
EMC/ECE/ESE 201 One of the three foundational curriculum courses (offered Fall)

Note: Other education courses may be considered for the 3-credit elective with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Programs.

*The GKE must be successfully completed prior to taking junior level courses (300 level).

**The required courses are comprised of the Department of Education state-approved professional teaching option (PTO). Successful completion of the PTO leads to eligibility for teaching certification in the state of Florida. Please note that all students are required to take and pass the General Knowledge Exam portion of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Sam Perkins, Director of the Bachelor of Science in Education Program
305-899-4826 or sperkins@barry.edu