Undergrads in the Spotlight

I have chosen Barry University to play baseball and I’m currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Education Program. This program has really helped me understand the different ways students think and is preparing me for the future as an educator. Education is something I always wanted to do. I love teaching and observing students succeed in the classroom. All I can say is that Barry University is the best place from which to learn with the best professors in the field."

Name: Bran Socorro
Degree: Current Junior, BS in Education
Class of: 2022

Bran Socorro

Throughout my time at ADSOE, my mentors worked with me closely to explore interests in policy, advocacy, and refugee education through local and international internships and coursework. My professors kept their offices and lives open, inviting me into their service and research on campus, in the community, and beyond, and supporting me at every step. ADSOE’s local partnerships played an especially meaningful role in my experience as a BS in Education student, allowing for practical learning through field experience and community engagement within strategic, sustainable models of collaboration. A continued interest in social justice, the experiences of communities at the margins, and the value of quality educational opportunities led me to learn more about education in settings of displacement after graduating. Today, I am a graduate student in the International Education Policy program at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), where I work as a graduate assistant at the Refugee REACH Initiative and the Ecological Approaches to Social Emotional Learning Laboratory (EASEL Lab) and as a fellow at the International Rescue Committee through the Saul Zaentz Fellows Program."

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Name: Bethany Dill
Degree: BS in Education
Class of: 2016

Bethany Dill

Being a part of Barry University’s Education program has been an amazing experience for me. In my first semester of college, my major was undeclared and I was unsure of what I wanted to do but I knew I enjoyed helping and teaching others. I then decided on Education not even sure at first if I would enjoy learning to be an educator. I felt that my quiet and shy personality would affect my ability to become a good teacher but I found an unexpected love for teaching. Throughout the program, I began to build confidence while teaching lessons to students and became more sure of myself when I was creating lesson plans. I found a love for teaching others and found how much I enjoyed connecting with students. I found teaching much more enjoyable than I ever thought. I learned very valuable lessons while in the education program at Barry that I know will help me when I continue my career in the future."

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Name: Maegan Cuesta
Degree: BS in Education
Class of: 2020

Maegan Cuesta