Collaborating in the Community: Exploring Dual-Language


Last year, the Curriculum and Instruction Department began a collaborative relationship with Miami Edison High School. Located within the Barry University neighborhood, this school has worked to improve its ‘school grade’ over the last 3 years under the tutelage of Dr. Pablo Ortiz. One of Dr. Ortiz’s initiatives is the startup of a Dual-Language Program at Edison Senior High School, which has a majority population of Haitian Creole-speaking students, many of whom relocated to Miami-Dade County Public Schools following the 2011 earthquake. The program teaches content courses in the students' first language (L1, Haitian-Creole) to provide the opportunity to continue to learn content while engaging in the second-language (L2, English) acquisition process.

This project has provided a unique research opportunity for six ADSOE faculty members: Ruth Ban, Sam Perkins, Sean Buckreis, Mirlenda Noelliste, Gerene Starratt and Mehmet Türegün. This research project seeks to uncover how language, culture, and ethnicity relate to the development of academic identity in this particular group of ELLs. In addition, the project examines how instruction in the students’ L1 impacts their L2 as well as content achievement and progress.

Pictured: Mehmet Türegün, Ruth Ban, Mirlenda Noelliste, Gerene Starratt, Sean Buckreis, Sam Perkins, James Dominique (l-r) at Edison Senior High School.