How quickly can I graduate?

Information Technology, BS

Information Technology, BS How quickly can I graduate?

The duration of any bachelor's degree program is contingent upon the total number of transferred college credits, length and depth of professional experience, earned industry certifications, and/or total credits of passing test-out exams. However, if you are an experienced information technology professional looking to complete a university degree program as soon as possible, the Bachelor of Information Technology, as well as the Bachelor of Public Administration or the Bachelor of Health Services Administration, are accredited degree programs that put you on a fast track by allowing you to earn credits for your professional experience with the Portfolio Option.

The programs listed below focus on different learning objectives within the information technology fields. A professional advisor will assist you in determining your ideal program based on your professional experience, learning objectives, and time constraints for earning an undergraduate degree.

Available for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA), and Bachelor of Health Service Administration (HSA) majors:

  • Specialization in Information Technology (IT)*BPA and HSA majors only
  • Specialization in Information Systems Administration (ISA) *BSIT majors only

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