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About the Program Bachelor of Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) empowers students to solve complex problems in a rapidly changing world. A recent survey of more than 1,000 business executives and hiring managers by the American Association of Colleges and Universities found that "Employers overwhelmingly endorse broad learning and cross-cutting skills as the best preparation for long-term success." This is exactly the kind of education offered by our BLS program. A study of Barry University’s BLS students who graduated between May 2014 and May 2019 revealed that 90 percent of these graduates are employed.

Among these students, 20 percent work in mental health and social services fields and an additional 28 percent work in closely-related fields of law enforcement and education. Another 15 percent of graduates have applied their liberal studies competencies to careers in real estate and business. In addition, 21 percent of graduates have completed or are currently enrolled in graduate studies, primarily in the fields of behavioral health and social work. Among the BLS alumni enrolled in graduate school, 10% are enrolled in graduate programs at Barry, in social work, education, administration, and public administration.

By giving students the opportunity to draw from a broad field of study, the BLS program prepares graduates to identify, define, and address problems in their families, careers, and communities.


  • Experiential Learning

    21st Century Skills

    Through a series of guided individual and group projects, BLS students sharpen skills in analysis, research, creativity, communication, and collaboration. The BLS curriculum promotes these skills using 21st Century tools in digital publishing, audio and video production, and networked knowledge. These skills are sought after in a broad range of professional fields, such as management, marketing, public relations, public safety, community and social services, education, nonprofits, and the arts, as well as arts management.
  • Experiential Learning

    Capstone Project as Signature Accomplishment

    In both the specializations, BLS culminates in a capstone project that each student develops in consultation with faculty. This project has special meaning in furthering each student’s personal and professional interests. The capstone serves as a signature accomplishment that students can use as a calling card in their career and a point of pride in their community.


  • Literature And Humanities Specialization

    The specialization in Literature & Humanities offers an interdisciplinary approach to the aesthetic production of Western and non-Western literature and the arts as well as the study of past and contemporary history of ideas and the human experience. This approach includes philosophy, literature, theatre, and the fine arts.

  • Psychology Specialization

    The specialization in Psychology supports the success of those students already employed as mental health paraprofessionals and/or prepares those students who anticipate employment in these areas. The specialization also provides the necessary prerequisites for graduate education in psychology or to support graduate training in related fields such as social work, law, counseling, education or organizational behavior.

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Experiential Learning Experiential Learning Portfolio (ELP)

You may not have been in a classroom for a while, but you have never stopped learning. Your professional and community activities are valuable. The portfolio program allows you to translate your real-life learning into college credit. 

You may earn up to 30 credits by demonstrating college-level learning in one or more of the following academic disciplines: administration, behavioral sciences, communication, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and five special topics. Please see your advisor for additional information.

Adult Learner FAQs Experiential Learning Portfolio Presentation

Thousands of Barry University adult students have completed portfolios and considered this experience time and cost effective as well as personally rewarding.

Here are what three students said about their portfolio experience:

  • Collaborative Service

    Student 1

    "You know, it sort of gave me more pep in my step and actually gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride. It also made me realize how marketable I am. It did, it did a lot of things for me but it really gave me a sense of empowerment."
  • Collaborative Service

    Student 2

    "It really made me stop and think. It reinforced my belief in myself. I tend to get so caught up in everyday situations that I forget that I ever did something, you know, fifteen years ago. I think the portfolio is one of the most rewarding pieces of work that I have ever done."
  • Collaborative Service

    Student 3

    "The insight gained from [my] portfolio helped me to see, as the slogan goes, ‘You've come a long way baby'! in my accomplishments, achievements, [and] my development. A degree with a portfolio makes you assess your professional life; without a portfolio, you just know your academic strengths, but you don't know your professional strengths."

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