Specialization in Literature and Humanities

Liberal Studies (BLS)

Liberal Studies (BLS) Specialization in Literature & Humanities

Humanities is the study of what makes us human—and that knowledge is more important than ever in the digital age. As the world confronts new challenges and the workplace takes new forms, humanities graduates have the creativity and analytical capacity to adapt and thrive.

21st Century Skills

The BLS curriculum promotes these skills using 21st Century tools in digital publishing, audio and video production, and networked knowledge. These skills are sought after in a broad range of professional fields, such as management, marketing, public relations, public safety, community and social services, education, nonprofits, the arts, and arts management.

A Broad Education

By giving students the opportunity to draw from a broad field of study, the BLS program prepares graduates to identify, define, and address problems in their families, careers, and communities.

In keeping with Barry University’s mission, BLS students also have the opportunity to identify, design, and participate in collaborative service projects within Barry University and the wider community.

Requirements For The Bachelor Of Liberal Studies:

  • Students pursuing the BLS degree must select or transfer the following two courses in the distribution or take them as general electives:

    • PSY 206 Principles of Psychology
    • HUM 303 Modern Currents in the Humanities

Requirements For The Literature & Humanities Specialization (30 Credits):

  • For all specializations, students will complete a core introductory and capstone course (6 credits):

    • BLS 299 Critical Approaches to Liberal Studies
    • BLS 499 Liberal Studies Capstone

Requirements For The Literature & Humanities Specialization:

    • 6 Credits – Literature or Humanities
    • 3 Credits - Philosophy
    • 3 Credits - Art, Dance, and Music
    • 3 Credits - Theatre
    • 9 Credits - Specialization Electives
    • Credits: 24

    Required Courses

    • BLS 299 & BLS 499
    • Credits: 6

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